Yamaha Group Classes

Apple Course (age 2)

Music is FUN!  That’s the theme of our Apple course.  Two-year olds learn in many different ways, and that's exactly what Apple offers.  Music is experienced through listening, singing, moving, story-time, playing with rhythm instruments, and interacting and bonding activities with parents/care-givers. Our friend Pupple, the puppet, will be in our class every week to make sure everyone is having a great time!  Apple course offers an immersive introduction into the world of music and will leave your child excited and ready for class every week!

Music Wonderland (ages 3 to 4)

Experiencing the joy of music doesn’t have to start with learning an instrument!  Music Wonderland focuses on developing essential skills like listening, singing, and rhythm through a variety of activities.  Children will have fun singing, moving, listening and watching stories, and using the keyboard to develop a rhythmic sense and strengthen important finger muscles!  They will also develop a sense of belonging in a group as they interact with their fellow classmates and have an opportunity to bond with parents/care-givers.

Junior Music Course (ages 4 to 5)

Children are creative and their imaginations are endless!  The four-year Junior Music Course utilizes the natural strengths of this age group and provides an effective and fun approach to learning essential skills, using the keyboard as the foundation. Children develop a strong musical sense, rhythm skills, and finger dexterity.  Ear-training is the main focus of this course as this age is when the ear is the most sensitive for musical development.  Children learn by listening, singing, playing, and then reading what they've played.  They are able to play alone as well as in ensemble with others.  Creativity is fostered through playing the music of great composers, and using that inspiration to learn how to compose original compositions.  A variety of activities are experienced each class to keep up interest and get the wiggles out!

Young Musicians Course (ages 6 to 8)

The Young Musicians Course offers an opportunity for older beginners to enter the world of music and learn at a more accelerated and age-appropriate pace. During the three-year course students learn the essentials: ear-training, ensemble and solo keyboard playing, music reading, composition, and much more!  Students are able to bond with their peers through interactive activities.  Parents are along for the ride to provide support during class and at-home practice (and may just learn a thing or two!).  

Guitar Course (ages 7 to adult)

Chording, soloing and band playing, all taught in a group setting – the best way to learn guitar. The course covers many styles, note and chord reading, as well as electric guitar techniques. You will gain essential ensemble playing skills as you learn – a must for any aspiring guitarist.

Violin Course (ages 7 to adult)

Students are grouped according to age and experience level. A well-organized curriculum and motivating software accompaniments make the early stages of violin playing a pleasure rather than a pain. Styles range from classical to fiddle to popular.

Ukulele Course (ages 6 to adult)

Ukulele classes at Yamaha offer a great opportunity to develop musicianship, rhythm, listening, singing, and performing skills in a positive and fun environment. Its accessible size makes it a perfect instrument for everyone ages six and up. The focus of our ukulele course is learning to play popular and folk songs that have stood the test of time. While learning the ukulele is an end in itself, it can easily lead to learning other instruments like guitar, mandolin, banjo, and even bass. And remember, it’s nearly impossible to play a sad song on a uke!


Junior Music Course 1 (JMC1) 4-5 year old beginners

Saturday 10:30am - Jillian Meyer

Sunday 10:30 am - Melanie Poruchny

Junior Music Course 2 (JMC 2) pre-requisite JMC 1

Saturday 2:00 pm - Melanie Poruchny

Wednesday 4:30 pm - Jillian Meyer

Junior Music Course 3 (JMC 3) pre-requisite JMC 2

Saturday 11:30 am - Jillian Meyer

Sunday 11:30 am - Melanie Poruchny

Junior Music Course 4 (JMC 4) pre-requisite JMC 3

Saturday 3:00 pm - Melanie Poruchny

Junior Advanced Course 1 (JAC 1) pre-requisite JMC 4 or YMC 3

Sunday 12:30 pm - Melanie Poruchny

Junior Advanced Course 3 (JAC 3) pre-requisite JAC 2

Saturday 1:00 pm - Melanie Poruchny

Sunday 2:00 pm - Melanie Poruchny

Junior Special Advanced Course 2 (JSAC 2) pre-requisite JSAC 1

Thursday 6:00 pm - Jillian Meyer

Young Musicians Course 1 (YMC 1) 6-8 year old beginners

Sunday 4:00 pm - Melanie Poruchny

Young Musicians Course 2 (YMC 2) Pre-requisite YMC 1

Sunday 3:00 pm - Melanie Poruchny